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I discovered my passion for teaching during my junior year at Montclair State University. I began teaching singers from my church choir, and took a pedagogy class as part of the vocal performance major. I loved helping people to find freedom and creativity in using their voices, and I knew that I wanted to continue to do that in a more professional and informed capacity, so after a (pandemic-motivated) gap year, I began my graduate studies in vocal pedagogy at New England Conservatory. This experience was truly transformative, and I graduated with the skills and curiosity I needed to continue to evolve and improve as a teacher for the rest of my life. 

I believe that voice lessons should be about exploration. No two people’s voices are the same and the voice is a personal and vulnerable instrument to learn to “play.” Because of this, each person’s journey in exploring their voice is unique and highly individualized. This is not to say that there are not overarching principles that guide this exploration, but that these principles are a framework for unlocking the voice’s potential. I want to aid my students in this journey of unlocking that potential in whatever genre of music they want to partake in. Though I come from a classical background of voice training, I believe that training singers to be able to sing in a variety of styles is highly beneficial, depending upon the student’s goals and needs. In whatever repertoire they choose to sing, their vocal health is my top priority.

The student’s goals are the roadmap for our trajectory in their voice lessons. Whether a student has auditions or professional engagements coming up, or they just want to sing for the fun of it, I want to help them prepare for and reach these goals and enjoy the process. A voice lesson is an opportunity to try out new things, to experiment with making sounds and to discover one’s own expressive capabilities through their repertoire. I want my teaching studio, whether in-person or online, to be a place where students feel safe and free to try new things, to ask their burning questions, and to enjoy making music.

I am currently accepting students in my studio, and am equipped to teach either in-person (in North Jersey) or online. I want to work with you to help you become the most versatile, joyful singer you can be! Contact me at with questions or to book your first lesson.

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